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a voice that casually cuts through.


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Like your dependable best friend…

“Max’s youthful voice feels very current and ‘now’ — sort of surfer and city wise. Max is really easy to work with and takes direction very well!”

— Art Bruder

Always Prepared, Responsive, and Professional

“Max is a great talent to rely on for your voice-over needs! His delivery is fantastic, and I feel very confident recommending him.”

— Kendra Baker

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I’m a New York-based voice actor, surfer, resident animated oddity and aspiring fried chicken intelligentsia member who brings everything I have to offer into the booth!

Growing up in New York, I was adjacent to performing my whole childhood. I was always the kid getting up in front of people to sing, dance, make people laugh with strange voices and accents — anything to have eyes and especially ears on me. But it took living in Tennessee Williams’ prescribed three great American cities — New Orleans, San Francisco and New York — for me to find my inner professional voice actor and begin working full time.

I’ve trained in acting, improv, and in voice-over through The V.O. Dojo and New York’s Edge Studio, and I’m thrilled to now be pursuing my passion!

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